Thursday, November 13, 2014

Prevent a “Lousy” Day: Tips for Lice Removal in NJ and Pennsylvania

It’s been noted that these infestations result in an accumulated 12 million to 24 million days of missed school and work days. This is why lice removal for Philadelphia and other nearby cities should be an important concern that must be dealt with at once. Though lice may not spread serious diseases, they can cause irritating itching and lack of sleep, thereby affecting an individual’s overall well-being. Considering how fast lice can spread, you can have an entire school population suddenly scratching their heads if early detection and treatment are not carried out. Indeed, one of the most effective ways to stop a major lice infestation is to have it treated immediately and to check on the people that the person with lice had recent contact with. Traditionally, parents acquire over-the-counter treatments containing Pediculicide, or lice medicine, are applied by following the instructions on the box.